Terms & conditions

Terms and conditions for Taxi Boat services

  • Depending on the number of people, the price changes
  • If you have booked a tour/transfer and the day of the service you ask for a photo shooting/wedding service, price will be different
  • The company has the right to change/cancel the service if need be after having warned the client. If the client can’t accept the change, he/she will be completely refunded
  • If the boat is damaged or the captain is unwell, the company will look for another boat/captain with no extra charge. If the other boat/captain is not available, the client will be totally refunded.
  • It is possible to board, with no extra charge, small luggage. If luggage is big, then there will be extra charge.


  • – Dogs are allowed but they can’t stay on the pillows or get the boat dirty
  • – It’s not possible to smoke onboard. Electronic cigarettes are allowed
  • – it’s forbidden to stand on the pillows with shoes
  • – It’s not possible to jump in the water during the cruise
  • – Backpacks must be held
  • – It is essential not to have onboard illegal things such as drugs and weapons
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