Term & Conditions Private Service


Cancellation policy
If you cancel your booking, we will apply our cancellation fees. Your cancellation will be accepted once we receive a written confirmation of the cancellation. If you cancel a service: - More than 30 days before the service: no cancellation fees will be applied - From 29 days to 15 days prior to the service: 50% of the total amount will be returned - From 14 days prior to the service or in case of you don’t advise: no refund

Bad Weather Conditions
The Captain retains the right to choose if it’s necessary to cancel/ postpone* a service according to the weather forecast and his experience. If we cancel the tour because of the weather, you’ll be completely refunded. * If client and boat are both available

If there are no different written agreements, these are the rules: In case of lack notice and/or you are not reachable, your service will be considered canceled after 15 minutes wait. In case of delay, we’ll shorten the tour in order to finish it at the prearranged time. Speaking of transfers, if the departure time is not respected there will be an additional charge (150 euros every extra hour during the day and 200 euros every extra hour during the night). If it’s not possible to wait for you because of other services, your service will be canceled.

Terms and conditions - Depending on the number of people, the price changes - If you have booked a tour/transfer and the day of the service you ask for a photo shooting/wedding service, price will be different - The company has the right to change/cancel the service if need be after having warned the client. If the client can’t accept the change, he/she will be completely refunded - The company has the right to change the boat with another similar boat. - If the boat is damaged or the captain is unwell, the company will look for another boat/captain with no extra charge. If the other boat/captain is not available, the client will be totally refunded. - It is possible to board, with no extra charge, small luggage. If luggage is big, then there will be extra charge.

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