Lake Como Villas: Villa Monastero

Lake Como Villas

It’s not a surprise that Varenna, the magical village on the lake, hosts one of the most enchanting Lake Como Villas: Villa Monastero. Beautiful gardens, refined architecture, panoramic views of the lake… Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

If you’ve read What to do in Varenna, then you know that this amazing town offers several attractiveness and Villa Monastero is one of them! Read this article to have more information about this little paradise!

First, we can admire such a magnificent Villa especially thanks to the XIX century and XX century owners: they started to renovate the building and the botanical garden. As a meeting point for several intellectuals, it started to become a must-see destination. Yes, it’s like when you read in history books about the famous Grand tour… Villa Monastero couldn’t be skipped!

Okay, I told you something about the past, but what about today? Why is it one of the best Lake Como Villas? Well… The lake, the position, the uncontaminated nature, the romanticism… Don’t you think it’s the right place for a romantic getaway, for an intimate family trip or even for a wedding?! Yes, I wrote wedding! Your ceremony and your photo shooting would be unparalleled!

Lake Como Villas: Villa Monastero

Once at the Villa, the presence of rare botanical species will impress you: you’ll be surrounded by irresistible smells and colors! From the top of the garden, you’ll have a clear view of everything and, as you trek down to the lake, I suggest you close your eyes! This way, you’ll suddenly feel like one of the several aristocrats and intellectuals who enjoyed this spot many years ago.                 

The inner part of the Villa will let you turn back in time! You’ll be delighted by almost four centuries of history, a history rich of changes, refinement and elegance. But I don’t want to reveal too many things about the Villa… The proof is in the pudding!

What Else?

You don’t have to worry about anything, since we have the perfect solution for you! Taxi Boat Varenna organizes both private and group tours which give you the chance to appreciate, directly from the lake, Villa Monastero! What are you waiting for? Contact us to find out more about our tours!

Are you ready to enjoy this enchanting location? It’s one of the numerous unmissable sites on Lake Como! Don’t miss the next articles about the other beauties… Your vacation will be unforgettable!



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