Best towns on Lake Como. Not to be missed!

Best towns on Lake Como

Italian specialties, local shops, lovely promenades and gorgeous landscapes. This and more you will find in the best towns on Lake Como. Varenna, Bellagio, Tremezzo and Menaggio will make your stay unforgettable! Say goodbye to winter, it’s time to enjoy Lake Como!

Imagine four little towns, different from each other but very similar in one, fundamental aspect: magic. If you choose to spend your vacation on Lake Como, then you can’t miss them! I’m saying they are the best towns on Lake Como for a good reason… Let’s find out more about these spots!

First of all, Varenna. It’s small, welcoming and, thanks to its colorful dwellings, it looks like a scene from a postcard. If you close your eyes, the smell of the restaurants and the traditional local shops will make you feel like you are in an old black-and-white Italian movie!

Best towns on Lake Como

Best towns on Lake Como. Not to be missed!

Then we have Bellagio, one of the most touristic sites in the world. I think that the Bellagio in Las Vegas makes an excellent impression, but you can’t miss the original! With its magnificent Villas, picturesque shops and romantic restaurants it’s a must-see destination.

Both Varenna and Bellagio are perfect if you’d like to combine business with pleasure… You can relax and enjoy Italian specialties without feeling guilty thanks to the several treks which will help you stay fit!

If you are looking for a complete harmony between local history and lake landscape, then Menaggio is the perfect fit for you! Thanks to its ancient origins, it offers a lot of cultural itineraries which can be easily combined with a walk along the lovely lakeside or with an ice-cream in the main square… It boasts one of the best gelato parlors on Lake Como!

Last but not least, Tremezzo. Have you ever been to a place that makes you lose track of time? Well, Villa Carlotta will amaze you with its botanic garden! Especially during the spring, the fragrances and the colors are irresistible! Be sure not to forget to visit the Grand Hotel Tremezzo, one of the few five-star hotels on Lake Como: its floating pool located on the lake is one of a kind!

Lake Como vacation

How to enjoy them

You only have a few days but want to make sure not to miss anything? Taxi Boat Varenna grants your wish! We offer you both private and group tours to ensure you enjoy the best towns on Lake Como directly from the lake. The captain will explain all the curiosities about these locations and your only responsibility is to stay seated in the middle of the lake!

Okay, I’ve just given you an idea about the so-called must-see destinations. Don’t forget to read the next articles to be up-to-date!


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