Best places on Lake Como: Villa Carlotta

Best places on Lake Como

If you don’t want to miss the best places on Lake Como, then Villa Carlotta in Tremezzo has to be in your plans! Have you ever been somewhere that reminds you the Eden? If you say “yes”, then I challenge you to visit the Villa and then tell me if you still think you’re right! If your answer is “no”…  What are you waiting for?

To understand the uniqueness of this spot, it’s important to tell some curiosities about its past. Built around 1690, Villa Carlotta has a long history characterized by noble families who had important friendships, for example with Italian artists and with Napoleon Bonaparte. The name “Carlotta” derives from the last owner: princess Carlotta, a smart young theatre-lover, who died prematurely.

Thanks to the several open-minded holders, the building is rich with masterpieces: you can really feel the love for the different arts and for the culture!

Best places on Lake Como: Villa Carlotta

Your stay on Lake Como couldn’t be considered complete if you’d skipped this slice of heaven. Mainly during the spring, there is an explosion of fragrances and colors, which will guide you during the tour of the gardens. With its 8 hectares, the park can be considered a proper botanical garden: camellias, azaleas, rhododendrons and several types of plants will delight you with their smells and shades.

While you’ll walk through the gardens, you’ll bump into a little building, the museum of the agricultural tools: designed so one doesn’t forget the ancient ways of working, it contains the old agricultural tools… it’s very suggestive!

Once visited the park, you can relax in the picturesque café and then you’ll be ready to go to the inner part of the Villa. I don’t want to spoil too many things, so all I say is that you’ll find a sculpture of Canova and a masterpiece of Francesco Hayez!

How to enjoy the Villa

So, are you ready to prove that the Villa is one of the best places on Lake Como? If you’d like to have a perfect panoramic view of this magical location, then we have the perfect solution for you! Taxi Boat Varenna  gives you the chance to admire this beauty directly from the Lake. Your only task is to relax on our venetian-style water taxi and enjoy the sight!

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